SSHH... Shocking Result
April 04, 2010
Shocking Result
Eva shocked by DNA test


Eva Longoria Parker was left stunned by recent genealogy results - because she's not the "Aztec princess" she thought she was.

The actress agreed to be part of U.S. TV documentary American Lives and was shocked when the results of an indepth DNA test came back - because her ancestors are mostly Spanish, not native Americans.

The Desperate Housewives star says, "I was like 'I'm a proud Mexican-American.' I swear I was an Aztec princess in a past life, and then I do the blood test and I'm 75 per cent Spaniard. It totally screwed me up.

"Obviously there's a mixture of indigenous people and Spaniards because of the conquests, but I thought I was mostly Mexican... I'm Mayan! I thought I was Aztec this whole time... But I do think I was a Mayan princess now."


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