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Pizza Hut
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Conversations Chocolates

Rich Homemade Chocolates - We take orders for celebration chocolates, box chocolates and creative packaging tailored to meet your taste and your budget! View All

New York Cafe
Downtown Burj Dubai
04 362 75 00

Experience New York's favorite cafe with its delectable cuisine. View All

Magnolia Bakery
Downtown Burj Dubai
04 362 75 00

This is the first one to open outside the US. New York's favorite bakery serves one of the best cupcakes as well as banana pudding and cakes. View All

Excellent Spa
Posted By: halfmoon
I have used this Spa extensively for slimming treatments and found it to be the best in Dubai. They have advanced machines, well trained staff and superior customer service. I strongly recommend it

Designer Embroidery & Tailoring
Posted By: Shoba
Enter our store to experience the fine art of tailoring. Pret a pret collection,ritziest embroidery,and designer touch keeping indivisual tastes n budgets in mind with our in house designer Shoba.

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Calling Karthik

A romantic thriller - Watch it for some edge-of-the-seat moments...

Key Plot: Farhan Akhtar plays Karthik, a shy, introvert guy who can't say 'No' to people and ends up being an underdog in his office. He secretly admires Shonali (Deepika) but doesn't have the courage to send her the 1317 emails he wrote for her but saved as draft mails. A strange and inspiring phone call later, he is a revamped man with style and power to face the world and win a respectable position, and ofcourse, his ladylove. But his rosy life doesn't last forever.
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Walentowski Gallery

Posted On: January 12, 2010,


Renowned German Art Gallery now in Dubai……have a look at the world's most revolutionary country in all its phases.....

Apr 04,2010

Book Signing

Dita Von Teese during a book signing in Las Vegas



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