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Zagel Beauty Spa All what you need is to leave yourself for them. They are the best
Zagel Beauty Spa i unfortunately didn\'t have the chance to participate in this spa,,, but i can tell with confidence that what gather this spa precisely is LOVE,,, coz i know the owner very w...
Who do you think wore her white tube dress, with bold neck pieces better?
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Badmaa$h Company

Directed By: Parmeet Sethi
Starring: Shahid Kapur, Anushka Sharma, Meiyang Ch  ...
Back Up Plan

Directed By: Alan PoulStarring: Jenifer Lopez, Alez O’Loughlin, Micheala Watki  ...
Robin Hood

Directed By: Ridley Scot
Starring: >/b>Mark strong, Russell Crowe, Cate Blanche  ...

'Hum Tum Aur Ghost' is neither scary nor funny!
Key Plot:

Arshad Warsi plays Armaan Suri, a fashion photographer, who has the power to see the dead. His fear of staying alone makes him an insomniac and alcoholic but everyone around loves him; except for his ladylove Gehna's (Dia Mirza) dad who berates him for his fondness of the bottle!
When Armaan becomes aware of his special ability to connect with the souls, he wants to help the ghosts to free their spirits. Equipped with a will to be helpful, Armaan sets out on a mission to help out three souls - a child, Ali, an old man, Mr. Kapoor and a young woman, Carol.

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